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A crime falls under the category of a federal crime if it was committed on federal property, the crossing of state lines occurred in connection with the crime, a federal agency was involved, or it was determined to be a crime by U.S. federal legislation. These are very serious crimes with serious penalties, so you are going to need a criminal defense attorney who knows how to defend federal crimes.

South Shore Criminal Defense law firm in Brockton has the legal team with this level of experience and skill. They are licensed to practice in the federal court, which is necessary for an attorney to defend you. They work ruthlessly for their clients to protect their rights and obtain the best possible outcome.

What crimes are under federal jurisdiction?

Common federal crimes include:

  • drug crimes (most commonly drug trafficking)
  • arson
  • immigration crimes
  • tax evasion
  • bank robbery
  • kidnapping
  • money laundering
  • firearm offenses
  • terrorism

The penalties for conviction of a federal crime are also more severe than the penalties levied at the state level, with longer prison sentences and larger fines. Federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ATF and the CIA conduct the investigations into federal crimes, sometimes in conjunction with state agencies. Prosecutors of federal crimes are very aggressive, and you will need the same quality in a defense lawyer to defend you.

Quality Representation in Brockton for Federal Crimes

If you or a loved one is facing a federal crime charge, waste no time in contacting the firm for top-quality representation from criminal defense attorneys in Brockton. They fully understand the high level of stress you are no doubt experiencing. You can expect that the prosecutors will be very tough, and the firm's attorneys do not shrink back from matching this level of challenge. They leave no stone unturned in their investigations and zealously pursue every avenue to protect your rights. Contact the firm immediately to find out how the Plymouth criminal defense team can help you.

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