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The repercussions of a criminal conviction can last for a lifetime, but why should you have to suffer unnecessarily? Expungement can allow you to move on, free from the mistakes of your past. Without an understanding of state law, however, it is difficult to achieve the favorable outcome you are looking for. Our Brockton expungement attorneys have decades of experience and are well-equipped to help you navigate the complex legal system and the courts in Plymouth, Hingham, Quincy, and nearby courts. Your concerns are our number one priority.

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How Expungement Works in Massachusetts

There are two ways to clear your criminal history in Massachusetts: record sealing and expungement. A successful record sealing will make your criminal record impossible for the public to see, whether you have charged, arrests, and/or convictions on it. Although, warrants and uncommon circumstances may make your record visible again to certain interested parties. An expungement will actually “destroy” your criminal record so that no parties, agencies, or courts can see it again.

Important waiting periods for record sealing and expungement:

  • Eligible charges that were dismissed or acquitted can be sealed immediately.
  • Certain first-time drug possession convictions can be sealed immediately.
  • Misdemeanor and juvenile convictions can be sealed after a three-year waiting period.
  • Felony convictions have a seven-year waiting period.

There is also a list of 21 crime categories in Massachusetts that cannot be expunged or sealed. Any crime that causes serious injury or death to a victim cannot be expunged. Crimes that involved the use of a dangerous weapon and most sex crimes that require sexual offender registration also cannot be expunged or sealed. It is worth noting that recent legal updates do allow resisting arrest convictions to be sealed, and any criminal record can be expunged if it was created due to fraud or clerical errors.

If you qualify for expungement, you must first request your Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and review it for any errors. Your attorney can assist you with this process. You are then required to submit your petition to seal, a decision that is left in the hands of the Commissioner of Probation. Lastly, an overseeing criminal court judge must decide if expunging your record will interfere with “justice” or not.

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