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The repercussions of a criminal conviction can last for a lifetime, but why should you have to suffer unnecessarily? Expungement can allow you to move on, free from the mistakes of your past. Without an understanding of state law, however, it is difficult to achieve the favorable outcome you are looking for. Our Brockton expungement attorneys have decades of experience and are well-equipped to help you navigate the complex legal system and the courts in Plymouth, Hingham, Quincy, and nearby courts. Your concerns are our number one priority.

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How does expungement work in Massachusetts?

There are two ways to clear your criminal history in Massachusetts: record sealing and expungement. The latter can be quite difficult and is typically reserved only for wrongful convictions, such as identity theft. Sealed records are granted much more often and can be just as effective as expungement. This means that your criminal records are no longer viewable to the public eye.

Is there a waiting period to have a record sealed?

  • Dismissals, acquittals, and first-time drug possessions can be sealed immediately
  • Misdemeanor convictions have a five-year waiting period
  • Felony convictions have a 10-year waiting period
  • Juvenile convictions have a three-year waiting period

Certain crimes can never be sealed, including firearm offenses and any conviction requiring registration as a sex offender. If you qualify, you must first request your Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and review it for any errors. Your attorney can assist you with this process. You are then required to submit your petition to seal, a decision that is left in the hands of the Commissioner of Probation.

Preparing a strong petition is critical, as this can determine the outcome of your case. Our Plymouth criminal defense firm is committed to protecting your best interests and works tirelessly on behalf of each client we represent. Take back the future you deserve – contact our Brockton expungement lawyers now.

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