Drug Possession Charges

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In Massachusetts, it is strictly illegal to have any sort of controlled substance, narcotic, or non-prescribed medicine on your person or in your possession. Even something as minimal as an ounce of marijuana can be classified as a misdemeanor drug crime. If you are being accused of drug possession, it is time to take your case seriously and get to work on your defense with a legal team you can trust.

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Potential Penalties for Drug Possession

If you are found with any trace of marijuana on your person or within a property you control, such as your vehicle or bedroom, you can be slapped with a $100 citation. If that amount is more than a single ounce, it becomes a misdemeanor.

Penalties for misdemeanor marijuana possession could include:

  • Up to six months in jail
  • $500 fine plus court fees
  • Community service
  • Drug rehabilitation course

The penalties for such a scant amount of marijuana are fairly steep. Greater amounts bring greater penalties, and so do different substances. Notoriously dangerous narcotics, such as heroin or cocaine, can trigger felony possession charges when found in even trace amounts. Depending on what is found and how much of it exists, a first-time drug possession charge could end in more than a year in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

Unjust Search & Seizure Defense

One of the strongest defenses to drug possession charges is arguing that the police conducted an unjust search and seizure of your person or property. Without being given reasonable suspicion to think that you have an illegal substance in your possession, or that you have committed any other crime, the police are not permitted to search you and take your possessions. If you were arrested and charged but never saw a warrant, you could have a solid protective barrier between you and your charges. Contact our Hingham drug crime lawyers today to explore your potential defenses in more detail.

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