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If you have ever been summoned to court for a case but failed to appear for any reason, you probably have a default warrant filed against you without even knowing it. Without taking the proper steps to remove a default warrant, you could find yourself serious in legal trouble. Contact South Shore Criminal Defense today to learn how our Brockton criminal defense lawyers can help you with default warrant removal.

What Does a Default Warrant Do?

If you did not even know that you had a default warrant on your name, you might be under the impression that it is not a serious problem that requires your attention. The truth is default warrants are arrest warrants that can put you behind bars once acted upon. The most noticeable difference between a default warrant and an arrest is that police will rarely seek out a default warrant actively. Instead you could be arrested if you encounter the police for another reason, such as a routine traffic stop or speaking to an officer as an eyewitness.

You may have a default warrant on your name if you did not show up for:

  • Jury duty
  • Mandatory family law court date
  • Probation hearing in court
  • Any other official summons

An active default warrant can also impact your driving privilege. If you have an active default warrant against you the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Massachusetts may suspend your license. In order to lift the suspension, you will need to address the default warrant and complete the usual steps associated with license reinstatement.

Approaching the Situation with Caution

You will need to remove your default warrant. Most of the time that means appearing in Court, however our attorneys have been able to successfully remove default warrants for clients without them having to appear. This is especially true for out of state clients. Not only should you have an asstorney assist you with your default removal, but whatever the underlying case you were in default from would also still need to be addressed. Our Brockton and Plymouth criminal defense attorneys can analyze your situation and help you find a conclusion backed with legal knowledge and experience. Our goal is to have your default warrant removed with as little negative impact as possible to you.

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