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The law in the state of Massachusetts can be complex and confusing, but one thing is clear: a criminally accused person has many rights. Following an arrest, one of the first things you should do is exercise your right to hire an attorney. You do not have to talk to police without an attorney present alongside you. Police may pressure you and employ other manipulating tactics to get you to confess to something, but a lawyer can work to ensure you are being treated in a fair manner.

At South Shore Criminal Defense, a team of Scituate criminal defense attorneys works diligently to provide comprehensive legal defense for a wide variety of situations. The firm proudly provides representation to people facing charges ranging from assault to drug crimes to federal crimes.

Their qualifications include:

  • All attorneys at the firm are former prosecutors
  • More than 37 years of collective experience
  • Thousands of cases worked on
  • 8.8 Excellent Rating

Experienced Counsel

In their careers, the firm's team has been involved in all kinds of cases. With past prosecutorial experience, the firm is able to devise complex and in-depth legal strategies that anticipate the tactics of the other side. The firm recognizes the responsibility clients place on their shoulders. This is why they are devoted to making sure every case receives the necessary care and attention.

They leave no stone unturned in the process of defending you and your rights. As aggressive legal representatives, they are not afraid to go to trial if that is needed to fight for a client's rights. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the stress that the justice process has on people.

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