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Need defense for a criminal case? Contact the attorneys at South Shore Criminal Defense before it's too late. Criminal charges require representation from experienced attorneys who are not afraid to zealously advocate for you.

The Benefits of Working With South Shore Criminal Defense

At South Shore Criminal Defense, the firm's goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for each case that the lawyers take on. The team is extremely well-equipped to take on any type of case, whether misdemeanor or felony. Here are just a few of the attorneys' many qualifications:

  • They've successfully handled thousands of criminal cases, many of a very serious nature.
  • They have extensive experience in the courtroom, trial experience that is invaluable to your criminal case.
  • They have decades of combined legal experience.

Besides these, the attorneys at South Shore Criminal Defense have the added benefit of being former prosecutors. During that time, they were able to get to know the prosecution's methods & strategies, as well as become familiar with the Massachusetts courts.

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