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At South Shore Criminal Defense, the legal team is made up of some of the top professional in the field of criminal law. Certain traffic offenses will automatically trigger a suspension of your driver's license, and if you are facing this issue, it is important that you have a seasoned Hingham RMV hearing lawyer working with you. An RMV hearing must be scheduled immediately if you have been arrested for OUI, or if you have accumulated too many traffic tickets and face an automatic suspension of your driving privileges.

You have a very limited period of time in which to seek to avoid license suspension, and there is no doubt that the quality of your counsel can be the most significant factor in the decision made at the RMV about your license. At the firm you will be represented by a team of former prosecutors that are highly skilled litigators and are very familiar with the types of presentations that are effective when presenting a case to the RMV. Get help from the professionals at the firm if you are at risk of losing your license due to suspension or revocation.

RMV Hearings: Challenge a Driver's License Suspension in Hingham

The license suspension could be due to a DUI arrest, or may be related to other situations, including the following:

  • Any three moving violations within a 2 year period will require the completion of an online driver retraining and if you do not complete the training within a short period, your license will be suspended.
  • Any five moving violations within a three year term will require that the driver complete a more extensive driver retraining course, which must be attended in person rather than online. A failure to complete the retraining will lead to driver's license suspension.
  • Any seven moving violations within a three year term will lead to a 60 day license suspension, which is mandatory. Once the 60 day suspension is completed, you will be required to pay a fee to have your license reinstated.
  • Those drivers who are considered to be "habitual traffic offenders" are those that have three major moving violations or 12 minor or major violations within a five year period will face a four year license suspension, and at the end of this suspension will be required to completely retrain as a driver, including the testing that all new drivers must take. There will be a heft reinstatement fee imposed before the license will be reinstated.

If you are facing any of these situations and may soon lose your legal right to drive, it is important that immediate action is taken for you. At the firm, the Hingham license suspension lawyer can schedule an RMV hearing and represent you at the hearing, providing arguments as to why the suspension should not take place. The first step is to contact the firm and speak with the professionals about your case. As former prosecuting attorneys, the legal team has a deep insight into the process and the types of arguments and evidence that could win at an RMV hearing.

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