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At South Shore Criminal Defense, the legal team takes OUI cases very seriously. A conviction could incur penalties of license suspension, fines, and perhaps even jail time.

Our lawyers have 20+ years of experience in criminal law and have successfully defended many drunk driving charges. Get a free consultation with the firm by calling (617) 420-2716 or submitting an online contact form.

What You Can Expect After Being Arrested With OUI

If a police officer stops you and accuses you of drunk driving, he or she may confiscate your license & send it to the RMV. The RMV will suspend your license after 30 days unless you are able to defend yourself at your hearing. This process is entirely separate from the criminal process.

The criminal process will begin with an arraignment hearing, where you will be informed of the charges against you and be given the opportunity to plea guilty. At this point, you and your lawyer may also be able to get the case dismissed. If you do not plead guilty, then you and your legal counsel can begin building a defense strategy. During this phase, your attorney can also file motions & request certain hearings that may be able to help your case. You can also make a plea bargain with the prosecution to reduce your sentence.

If your case isn't resolved in the pre-trial phase, your case will go to trial. A jury will decide if you are not guilty or guilty and the judge will provide a sentence (if applicable).

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It is important to have a defense attorney throughout all stages of the OUI Process, from DMV hearing to trial. Contact South Shore Criminal Defense to get a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys!

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