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Want to appeal the verdict of your criminal case?

Are you the victim of a miscarriage of justice? There is nothing more frightening than facing years in prison for a crime you are not guilty of committing, or being faced with a sentence that is far longer than is warranted or allowed under state sentencing guidelines.

At South Shore Criminal Defense, the legal team serves as counsel in criminal appeals, and is one of few law firms in the area that takes on this difficult and complex legal action. When the justice system has failed, an appeal can be filed to reverse a conviction or reduce a sentence that was unfairly imposed. In order to be successful in this effort, it will require a great deal of legal research into every detail of the case, searching out legal errors that impacted the verdict.

The Criminal Appeals Process in Massachusetts

An appeal is a legal action in which a higher court is asked to review either a decision or sentence from a lower court. The first step is to file a "Notice of Appeal." This must be filed within 30 days of the court decision, so there is very little time allowed. It is imperative that you contact the firm immediately if you have been wrongfully convicted or sentenced. Once the Notice of Appeal has been filed, the work of analyzing the details of your case in order to prepare a document called a "brief." This brief must clearly outline the errors in the case that affected the final court decision.

How South Shore Criminal Defense Can Help

Research into case law is an important part of the process. Upon submission of the brief, the attorneys from the firm can present oral arguments to the appellate court, and the skill with which your case is argued is of critical importance. The legal team at the firm has all the qualifications and experience you need for a criminal appeal.

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